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  • Our most powerful device
  • Power and performance
  • Slender, tapered design
  • 3% NIC

There are different kinds of vape pens out there. The Vibe uses tanks that contain nicotine at 3.0% by weight.

Vape pen tanks are cylindrical and taper to form the mouthpiece. The Vibe’s tank is translucent to show the amount of e-liquid left inside.

Vape pens get their name from their pen-like shape. They are cylindrical like a cigalike—but thicker. Extra space for a larger battery, which is why the Vibe has a long-lasting 600mAh battery.

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What flavors are there?

There are 2 Premium Vibe Flavors:

  • Original Tobacco
  • Menthol

Candy King
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Available in 0mg, 3mg and 6mg strengths in 100 ml bottles.  Enjoy the King of Candy flavors!

Hempzilla Beauty
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Hempzilla is the leader in 100% pure, American-grown CBD because we are committed to every part of the process, never cutting corners to cut costs.

Grover FF Pet
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Our 1000mg pet food drops are made with your furry friends in mind.

Vuse Vapor Ciro
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The Ciro’s size and shape makes it comfortable to hold and handle.  While some cigalikes are disposable, the Ciro is rechargeable with replacement cartridges.

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The benefits of using CBD for your dog is incredible, with more and more people seeking the treatment for their furry friends.

HRVST Cartridges
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Time to relax and unwind with our premium HRVST Delta 8 THC carts.

No Cap Hemp Co
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Packed with just the right amount of CBD and Delta-8

Bluum Lab Candy
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We infused pure nutraceutical grade CBD with organic beat sugar and natural fruit juices to bring you this amazing candy cube that is very effective and delightfully delicious.

Silver Owl Extras
5 (1)

A dabber’s delight, our CBD Crystals were inspired by a revered concentrate that’s a favorite amongst Colorado’s cannabis scene, live resin diamonds!

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VaporX e-liquids are the natural choice for your vaping needs – they can be vaped as is, or mixed to create your own exotic and customized flavors

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Easy to Shop

Our store is easy to shop, find what you need and our associates are knowledgeable about products and devices.

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Best Brands

We carry the top brands at great prices!  We let you try your device before you leave to ensure quality performance.

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Shop Local

Our store is locally owned – we are not a big chain store.  We are people looking to give service with a smile at a shop where there is something for everyone!

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