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Silver Owl

The Silver Owl CBD Company was founded by a small group of CBD users in early 2019 with a shared goal: to improve the world around us by improving the nation’s access to high-quality, non-psychoactive alternatives at lower prices. Since then we’ve spread our wings across the country in our bid to improve lives and promote wellness.

With third-party laboratory testing performed on our non-GMO products to guarantee that no pesticides, solvents, herbicides, chemical fertilizers or other contaminants are present, you can be sure that your Silver Owl CBD is clean and safe. And since all our products are compliant with federal hemp regulations, you can confidently take us with you no matter where life takes you.

All Silver Owl CBD products are made with Colorado-grown hemp and locally-sourced ingredients.

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Strain Overview

Baked Cherry Pie

Baked Cherry PieThe burst in mental energy and social extroversion of a sativa comes with the full body sensations and relaxation of an indica when you smoke a bowl of Baked Cherry Pie! Though this strain is slightly more sativa dominant, it has expressed more of an indica lean at times in previous years. The sensations this strain produces can occasionally feel pretty heavy, making it more ideal for experienced users looking for the bigger impact.

When combusted or vaporized, the Baked Cherry Pie strain offers the enticing aroma of fresh cherries and berries while tickling the taste buds. Fruity flavors and sour notes come together for the inhale, leaving a noticeable diesel kick on the tongue and lungs on the exhale. Silver Owl Baked Cherry Pie Hemp Flower goes great with a campfire surrounded by loved ones and some roasted marshmallows!

Baked Cherry Pie Dominant Cannabinoid: CBDA (8.55%)

Baked Cherry Pie THC Content: 0.27%

Indica/Sativa Ratio: 40% / 60%

Lineage: Warlock  Cherry OG (Cherry Thai x Afghani x Lost Coast OG) x Double OG (Big Bud x Afgoo x SFV OG Kush)

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Berry Blossom

Berry BlossomOne of many unique strains first bred and grown in Colorado, Berry Blossom is a strain best known for its potent CBD content. Like our Baked Cherry Pie Hemp Flower, Berry Blossom used to be a more indica-dominant hybrid; however, in more recent growth cycles, the strain has begun to express a stronger lean towards its sativa genetics. This allows the relaxing effects of its indica lineage to naturally balance out the boost in mental and physical energy of its sativa-powered effects, leading to a more manageable ride that’s less prone to getting too crazy.

The most impressive characteristic of Berry Blossom is the delicious flavor this strain produces. Its buds are simply unlike any hemp flower you’ve ever tasted! Strong acai, raspberry, blueberry and sweet gummy candy flavors accent the more subtle floral and gassy notes on the inhale, setting the stage for a smooth and borderline tropical tasting exhale. This strain is so fruity that even its aromas break the mould of the typical smell of burning hemp. If you’re the kind of hemp user that follows their noses and taste buds when looking for their next round of industrial hemp, look no further: you’re going to want to try some Silver Owl Berry Blossom Hemp Flower as soon as possible!

Berry Blossom Dominant Cannabinoid: CBDA (8.44%)

Berry Blossom THC Content: 0.12%

Indica/Sativa Ratio: 25% / 75%

Lineage: Kandahar (Afghani x Afghani Skunk) x Chardonnay (Black Rose x Cherry Wine)

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Delta 8 Hemp Flower

Delta 8 Hemp FlowerBrought to you by popular demand, the Silver Owl CBD Company is proud to present you with our take on the newest trend sweeping the nation: Delta 8 Hemp Flower!

We start each batch of these Delta 8 enhanced buds with our Colorado grown industrial hemp. We harvest, trim, dry and cure this flower with the rest of the nugs harvested from the same plants as if they were going to be packaged or pre-rolled. We then thoroughly spray each facet of the buds with a warm Delta 8 Distillate to apply a thin but consistent coat across the entire surface of the flower before letting these infused buds dry and cure again. The end result is a form of industrial hemp that breaks apart and burns like any other hemp, but packs the added punch of Delta 8.

If you’re looking for a decent halfway point between our non-psychoactive industrial hemp flower and our more psychoactive Delta 8 Moon Rocks and Asteroids, try a jar of Silver Owl Delta 8 Hemp Flower and see for yourself why we felt so compelled to meet the public’s demands!

Silver Owl Delta 8 Hemp Flower Delta 8 THC Content: 758.3mg/g
Silver Owl Delta 8 Hemp Flower Delta 9 THC Content: .04%
Flower Strain Used: Tropical Haze
Delta 8 Distillate Used: Skywalker OG

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Delta 8 Moon Rocks

Delta 8 Moon RocksA community favorite due to their three-in-one punch, the popularity of Moon Rocks amongst flower fans has exploded in the past few years. Moon Rocks are produced by dipping a flower bud into warm distillate, then breading the sticky nug in the kief, or pollen, of the flower. When produced properly, the end result is a tan-colored, bud-shaped delight! Fans of this combination of raw matter and refined concentrates often break their Moon Rocks up by hand, then use the small chunks to pack or enhance bowls, prerolls or wraps.

Silver Owl Delta 8 Moon Rocks feature the same Colorado grown industrial hemp flower we offer to end users in its rawest form, the Delta 8 distillate found in our Delta 8 Cartridges and Disposables, and the fallen pollen from the hemp that produces our concentrates. These delicacies are ideal for those who want to experience the combined effects of Delta 8, CBD, CBG and numerous other cannabinoids synergistically working together through the Entourage Effect. You’ll know you’ve hit something special the moment you register that first puff!


Silver Owl Delta 8 Moon Rocks Delta 8 THC Content: 840.3mg/g

Silver Owl Delta 8 Moon Rocks Delta 9 THC Content: .03%

Flower Strain Used: Tropical Haze

Delta 8 Distillate Used: Skywalker OG

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Green Goblin

Green GoblinSharing much of its lineage with Silver Owl’s Sky High strain, Green Goblin’s Warlock father was crossed with a more prominently indica Big Bud mother to produce an almost purely indica child. The resulting flower is very similar to Sky High’s buds, but is much more likely to end your day for you if you haven’t wrapped it up yourself. So kick those shoes off, get comfortable, spark a wrap full of Green Goblin and we’ll see you in the morning!

Just as the nugs themselves are similar, so too are their flavors and fragrances. Pine and eucalyptus notes make themselves much more apparent on the inhales and exhales, but are still not enough to overpower the tastes of fresh berries and citrus blends. If you were hoping we’d release a super heavy indica, you should know we grew Silver Owl Green Goblin for you!

 Green Goblin Dominant Cannabinoid: CBDA (19.48%)

Green Goblin THC Content: 0.20%

Indica/Sativa Ratio: 90% / 10%

Lineage: Warlock (Afghani x Skunk) x Big Bud (Afghani x Skunk #1 x Northern Lights)

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Sky High

Sky HighKnown for its sativa-like popcorn nugs and initial burst in euphoric energy, Sky High quickly fades into a pleasant and relaxing set of classic indica effects that are perfectly suited to help unwind for the evening. However, this is by no means a couch locking or antisocial experience; Sky High has a reputation for perking its users up and making them a little more outgoing than usual. Though it makes for a great nighttime sesh, this strain is mild enough to be suited for a calm morning or afternoon. Just make sure to bring a snack… You’ll want one!

The smell of burning Sky High buds almost reaches their users before their flavors find their mark. One whiff and you’ll feel like you were in a garden full of vibrant colored flowers. The same floral notes come out in the inhale, accompanied by slight pine flavors and the strong taste of berries, then lead into citrus and apple notes on the exhale. The first hit of some Silver Owl Sky High through a nice, clean water pipe will show you firsthand why we felt so compelled to grow this strain!


Sky High Dominant Cannabinoid: CBDA (12.86%)

Sky High THC Content: 0.14%

Indica/Sativa Ratio: 60% / 40%

Lineage: Warlock (Afghani x Skunk) x Pre-2000 Chronic (Indica)


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Tropical Haze

Tropical HazeWhen we gained access to a variant of the incredibly rare Tropical Haze strain that produced an even lower Delta 9 THC content than its average 1.0%, we knew we had to grow this mysterious stranger. Though its documented lineage is still a bit hazy (pardon the pun) due to a lack of documentation from its original creators, our dominant phenotype of Tropical Haze seems to be a perfectly balanced hybrid of indica and sativa descents- a truly equal partnership offering the best of both genes!

When smoked or vaporized, Tropical Haze’s terpenes and flavonoids produce the taste of sweet Maraschino cherries and mixed berries on the inhale, followed by the aftertaste of fresh bananas on the exhale. We don’t know much about this strain’s history, but we do know the most important thing about it: it’s absolutely delicious and perfect for any new users’ very first hemp hits!


Tropical Haze Dominant Cannabinoid: CBDA (11.86%)

Tropical Haze THC Content: 0.06%

Indica/Sativa Ratio: 50% / 50%

Lineage: Haze pheno x Big Skunk (Skunk #1 x Big Bud)

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Blazy Gardens T1

Blazy Gardens T1Once upon a time, in the olden days of Woodstock and Bob Snodgrass blowing glass on tour with The Grateful Dead, a silly phrase became a proverb that would be used in smoker’s circles for decades to come. “You’ve got to cough to get off!” became a measure of greatness for flower buds, passed on from veterans to newcomers when they’d take their first hits together.

While we now know this isn’t exactly the best way to gage quality, our Blazy Gardens T1 strain stands just as good a chance of making you cough as “getting you off.” It is certainly our most relaxing strain in terms of its effects, yielding results closely akin to similar c. indica flowers in its lineage. Besides the restful, soothing feelings it promotes, Blazy Gardens hemp flower is perhaps best known for its aromas and flavors. The tastes of this strain are often described as floral, pine-like and even cheesy, leaving that all-too-familiar scent of bliss in the air.

Rich in CBD and a full spectrum of other cannabinoids, our Blazy Gardens T1 hemp flower is our heaviest hitter and might be our most popular option amongst experienced, regular users looking for an effective end-of-day smoke. Kick back, relax and burn some down for us!

Blazy Gardens T1 CBD Content: ~12.34%

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Stormy Daniels

Blazy Gardens T1 Stormy DanielsAs rowdy as its namesake, our Stormy Daniels strain of hemp flower provides an uplifting, energizing experience with a kick. With parentage traced back to the high potency T1 and fruity, aromatic Berry Blossom strains, the Stormy Daniels strain can make its users extremely talkative and sociable while relaxing their bodies.

When smoked, a smooth, floral and tropical inhale gives way to a blunt force lung hit delivering mentally euphoric and physically calming effects that can often be noticeable in a matter of seconds or minutes. The effects of the Stormy Daniels strain can linger up to a couple hours after use when smoked and even longer when ingested in a homemade edible or tincture, offering its users a broadly varying yet always pleasant experience.

As a hybrid strain, Stormy Daniels has the perfect buds for social gatherings and group sessions. Just make sure you’ve got some groceries ready to go… you’ll need ‘em soon enough!

Stormy Daniels CBD Content: ~15.2%

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Trojan Horse Gummies
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Coming in at 10 milligrams of Delta-9 THC and 105 milligrams of CBD is a 10:1 ratio, dispensary quality edible.

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Our CBD-infused Face Masks are an indulgent combination of broad spectrum, organically grown hemp and powerful active botanicals to hydrate, tone, soothe, and purify tired and stressed skin.

Silver Owl Flower
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The Silver Owl CBD Company was founded by a small group of CBD users in early 2019 with a shared goal: to improve the world around us by improving the nation’s access to high-quality, non-psychoactive alternatives at lower prices.

Haka Switch
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Haka Switch disposable gives you a 2-in-1 flavor going up to 2200 puffs all in one kit!

LOOKAH Seahorse
5 (2)

Lookah Seahorse Dab Pen won the 2019 Best Design Awards, it uses a quartz coil, not a ceramic coil, so it can give you the purest taste. The Lookah seahorse is not only a wax pen, but also fits all 510 cartridges so you can smoke oil through it as well.

Flying Monkey Delta 8 Gummies
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Each bite of Flying Monkey Delta-8 gummy is going to provide you with the amazing effects of Delta-8 and a burst of flavor.​

Elf Bar
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Elf bar 1500 is a delicate pre-filled disposable pod kit with slim body. With quick draw activation, this vape bar is a nice choice for your daily vaping. 

KRSP Ultra
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Each KRSP Ultra disposable 1500puffs device comes prefilled with a whopping 5ml of e-liquid. This allows you to vape longer on a single disposable and makes the KRSP Ultra 1500puffs device a great option for traveling, extended road trips, or even just day-to-day use.

KAOS Switch
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Introducing the world’s first 2-in-1 disposable with flavor blend technology. Each device offers a unique vaping experience with up to 3 different flavor profiles.

Blaze Delta 10 Gummy
5 (1)

Blaze’s newest addition in the Delta 10 are mixed fruit gummies.  Available in 750mg, 500mg and 250mg count jars.  These gummies are packed with 50mg per gummy.

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