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The source of your CBD matters. Our CBD hemp is grown on the highest quality, lush Nebraska farm soil and the soil was tested prior to the 2020 growing season to verify heavy metals and toxins were not present. Only natural, organic pest control methods are applied and no pesticides or herbicides are used during cultivation. We used both tilling and no-till farm practices to help conserve moisture and better control weeds. Our plants are manually cared for throughout the planting, transplanting, maintenance, and harvesting process.

We source our seeds from certified seed providers. Our seeds are certified, feminized seed genetics with high CBD and low THC to ensure the highest probability of compliance with all state and USDA testing guidelines. We vetted each seed provider using interviews, tours of grow facilities, and a thorough review of certificates of analysis for each selected strain.

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Big Red

It tastes refreshingly fruity with creamy berries and a lingering strawberry aftertaste with gorgeous colours as well

Aroma – A hint of green apple with woody pine and smokey edge.

Flavors – A woody, citrus sting with a herbal finish.

Ben Franklin

Ben Franklin has a very pungently sour yet syrupy and fruity, lemon taste with a brazen diesel and earthy effect that occurs upon burning.

Wife F1

The aroma and flavor components will grace users with the wonderful flavor of fresh cherries and bananas rubbed in soil.


A greasy mixture of engine oil and freshly harvested peaches beingfermented in black pepper spices.


Aroma: A cheesy funk of sweet cherries and garlic pepper.

Flavors: A garlicky profile of grenadine covered cherries and parmesan cheese.

Cherry Sunrise

Aroma: Sweet pine and cherry citrus with a smokey salmon edge.

Flavors: An earthy sweetness of molasses and maraschino cherries mixed with a smokey and dark roast.

Sangria S1

A dry red wine putting out a fire ofgasoline covered tiki torches.

Western Farms Flower
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Western Farms meets the industry gold standard of third-party certification from ISO 17025-accredited labs, and our facilities are GMP compliant.

Barista Brew Co
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Barista Brew Co., is a coffee shop inspired e-juice company, with an emphasis in specializing on decadent flavors such as coffee’s, refresher’s and snack’s.

Fume Extra
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Fume Extra is a pre-filled disposable vape pod system device that is compact, a pocket-friendly size and easier to carry.

Juice Head
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Vape Juice and Nic Salts in top-selling flavors for an explosion of taste!

NECO Farms Pet
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The source of your CBD matters. Our CBD hemp is grown on the highest quality, lush Nebraska farm soil and the soil was tested prior to the growing season to verify heavy metals and toxins were not present.

Grover FF Extras
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Help regulate your endo cannabinoid system with our full spectrum CBD oil tinctures.

No Cap Hemp Co
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Packed with just the right amount of CBD and Delta-8

Puff Bar
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All Puff Bar disposable devices require no maintenance, charging, or refilling. After your PUFF BAR runs out of juice and/or battery, simply buy a replacement.

Forbidden Flower
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Urth CBG CBD Forbidden Flower is a hot ticket to CBD bliss. That just means that CBG heavy strains are harvested in whole from the youngest cannabis plants to enhance effect.

SMOK Wild Hemp
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The Luna Vape Pen uses 500mg of CBD per Vaporizer. Each Vaporizer is filled with quality CBD Hemp extract. All of our hemps is 100% American grown.

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